Physical Fitness

Our areas of focus are

Audit and Risk

  • Code of Conduct and Ethics
  • Corruption Prevention Strategy

Human Resource Management and Labour

  • Occupation Safety, Health and Welfare Policy
  • Recruitment Policy
  • Disciplinary and Grievance Policy
  • Training Policy
  • Performance Management Policy
  • Terms and Conditions of Services
  • Salary Review and Restructuring
  • Staff Welfare Policy
  • Wellness Policy
  • Separation Policy
  • Orientation Policy
  • Compensation Policy
  • Functional Reviews
  • Retirement Policy


  • Finance Manual

Community Development

  • Water Hygiene and Sanitation services
  • Women empowerment
  • Strengthening local government community structures
  • Resource mobilization for local government structures
  • Policy and strategy development for Water Hygiene and Sanitation programs
  • Needs assessment for water hygiene and sanitation programs
  • Proposal Development for community programs
  • Capacity building of participatory methods
  • Capacity building for local government structures
  • Strengthening local government community structures
  • Resource mobilization for local government structures


  • Gender Policy
  • Organizational Gender analysis
  • Gender Policy Development
  • Needs assessment to address contextualized gender-based violence
  • Needs assessment for contextualized women empowerment
  • Gender based violence referral services
  • Gender-based violence at workplace
  • Gender-based violence in communities
  • Strategic Plan development for Gender Programs
  • Proposal Development for Gender and gender-based violence programs
  • Policy and strategy development for gender programming
  • Situational analysis for gender mainstreaming
  • Gender Policy development
  • Designing women empowerment programs
  • Assessment of gender related problems at workplace
  • Gender audits
  • Baseline assessment for gender programs
  • End-line assessment for gender programs

Health and Environment

  • Health and Environment Policy
  • Maternal and new born (MNH) Health
  • Infant and under-five nutrition
  • Sexual reproductive health
  • Assessment and programming of HIV and AIDS Prevention, care and treatment
  • Youth Friendly Health services
  • Health system strengthening
  • Strategic Plan Development on Health programs
  • Proposal development for Health programming
  • Policy and strategy development on aaccess to Primary Health Care
  • Situational analysis for program development
  • Needs assessment for program development
  • Baseline evaluation
  • Project / Program end-line evaluation
  • Health Audits
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys in Health Care

Information and Communication Technology

  • ICT Policy
  • Software and Databases


  • Insurance Policy

General Management and Administration

  • Strategic Plans
  • Transport Policy
  • Service Charters
  • Records Management Policy


  • Procurement and Stores Policy