CCG conducts Research in different areas as it believes that decisions should be based on authentic and valid data and information. We realize that research helps organizations through a number of ways such as increasing public understanding and awareness of issues, building knowledge and facilitating learning, sharing of valuable/important information, aiding business success, spur innovation, improves credibility and most importantly proves lies and support truths. Our Research uses different approaches such as qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, pragmatic and advocacy/participatory as per clients’ needs and nature of research. At CCG, we provide research services not limited to the following employee satisfaction surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, baseline surveys, project impact assessments. For more details, check the list below

Audit and Risk

  • How to improve Audit Committee Performance
  • How to mitigate challenges facing Internal Auditors
  • How ICT can improve Auditing
  • How to detect Fraud
  • How Internal Audits help in managing compliance
  • Challenges of multinational Audits
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys on Audits

Community Development

  • Water Hygiene and Sanitation services
  • Women empowerment
  • Strengthening local government community structures
  • Resource mobilization for local government structures


  • Risk Management in Finance
  • How to manage Credit and Bad Debts
  • How to mitigate fraud
  • Alternatives in Investments
  • Challenges in Cashflow Management
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys in Finance


  • Gender based Violence
  • Gender Equality and Discrimination
  • Women and Leadership
  • Gender and Human Trafficking
  • Gender related Problems at workplace
  • Behaviour and Gender
  • Gender roles in Child Care
  • Education and Gender
  • Health and Gender
  • Organizational Gender analysis
  • Impact of gender-based violence
  • Needs assessment for contextualized women empowerment
  • Referral services for survivors of gender-based violence
  • Strategic plan development for Gender Programs
  • Proposal Development for gender and gender-based violence programs

General Management and Administration

  • Impact of Change Management on Organizations
  • Performance of Outsourced Services
  • Satisfaction Surveys on impact of Support Staff
  • Challenges in Inventory Management
  • How front Office builds image of an Organization
  • Challenges in implementation of Budgets, plans and policies

Health and Environment

  • Access to Primary Health Care
  • Challenges in Health Care
  • Challenges in Management of the Environment
  • Alternatives to Health Financing
  • Fraud in Health Care
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys in Health Care
  • Maternal and new born (MNH) Health
  • Infant and under-five nutrition
  • Sexual reproductive health
  • Assessment and programming of HIV and AIDS Prevention, care and treatment
  • Youth Friendly Health services
  • Health system strengthening
  • Strategic Plan Development on Health programs
  • Proposal development for Health programming

Human Resource Management and Labour

  • Women participation in decision making
  • Child labor
  • How to manage diversity in workplaces?
  • What increases workplace loyalty?
  • How to manage young generation in a workplace?
  • Talent management
  • How compensation affects performance?
  • What factors affects separation and retention of staff?
  • How to manage workplace bullying and harassment?
  • Impact of training on performance
  • Effect of employee engagement on customer loyalty
  • Mental Health issues at workplace
  • How digital platforms impacts organizations
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys on HRM
  • Impact of employees in decision making
  • Salary and Compensation Surveys

Information and Communication technology

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Challenges in ICT

General Management and Administration

  • Strategic Plans
  • Transport Policy
  • Service Charters
  • Records Management Policy


  • Procurement and Stores Policy