Third Party Recruitment

CCG offers professional advice on recruitment for agencies, individuals, or organizations whether those to employed will be on temporary, part time or full employment be it from internal or external sources. Our services are unique in that we use internationally acceptable methods in line with international employment laws.

Our services involve creation of job descriptions if there is none, advertising for such jobs, selection of candidates which involves shortlisting and choice of candidates after vigorous processes such as interviews, competency tests, analytical and numerical tests, psychometric tests, aptitude tests depending on level of vacant position. We carry out background checks, academic checks, medical checks before successful candidates are offered employment.

Furthermore, we provide orientation sessions to the successful candidates so that they can integrate well to the work stations they are assigned.

With CCG, you are assured of getting candidates who can add value to your organization through their skills, competencies and experiences. We believe if right people are placed in right positions they can contribute to positive change in the operations of organizations.